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11 Feb 2021
Pricelist 2021

Pricelist 2021

The new price list 2021 is online- just download!

17 Feb 2021
product catalog 2021

product catalog 2021

10 Feb 2021
Highlight-Folder 2021

Highlight-Folder 2021

28 Jan 2018
list of our traders

An extract from the list of our traders

You are looking for a trader in your area? Here are a few of our traders...

Current Clamps Catalogue

Clamp are designed to extend the current measuring capabilities of DMMs, power instruments, oscilloscopes, hand-held scopes, recorders or loggers, and other diverse instruments.

31 Mar 2017

2017 Metrix Catalogue

Multimeters, clamps, testers and laboratory instruments for professionals like you: contractors, technicians and engineers in the electrical sector. A response based on instruments designed, developed, manufactured and checked by professionals in the electrical sector